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Life of the Bloggers

Blogger: What is a blogger? What is blog? What is my life? What is the life of the blogger?  These are just few questions you may ask to yourself if you are a blogger or want to be a logger. Questions that can not be answered by anybody else except you. If you are a blogger, you should know what you are doing. There are certain steps you should follow before can make good blog.

Successful bloggers did not get their popularity with a twinkling of their eyes. They never get to the top in just a second, minute, an hour, day, week, month, or even a year without exerting effort for their blog. I was inspired by the book “Roadmap to become a blogger” written by one of “successful” bloggers today, Mr. Yaro & Gideon. The book is full of instructions regarding successful blog.

Life of a blogger doesn’t evolve only to making money, doing profit online, getting traffic, getting award, etc but also to give informative article to the readers. People around the world are thirst or even hunger for information to address their needs, to answer their unanswerable questions that bothering in their mind. Students need news regarding the new trend in business, new software development, news regarding nursing courses; people are looking for new opportunity, etc. Bloggers work is to bring these to the general audience. And how could a blogger do that? Simple! As blogger, you must be updated on different issues everyday. Then how would you be updated? You have to do research.

Blogging is to express ideas over the net. Post what you have in mind, your opinion, and of course, what you know. You can not post or even express your ideas if you do not have idea. Right? Common sense. Let me tell you one example. Jehz is a Filipino Blogger I knew who succeed in his blogging career. His blog is incredibly large since he started blogging in 2006 and has brought a lot of information to his readers. One more example is Mr. John Chow whose blog is internationally well know because of his informative blog site. There are a lot more bloggers who really focus on maintaining good blog content that caters the needs of the readers.

Blogging is also about “Research” or even beyond that.

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Happy to be here!

Good day to all bloggers online. I am Eldefonso Roberto, known to be “Bob”.  This is my first blog with and I wondered how blog changed the internet world wherein internet was designed for military services only. Wow!!! Amazing! Internet could the source of living nowadays. Perfectly, the creator of the blogs that spread over the internet has changed the computing industry, most especially “Blogging”. Incredible!!!

You may ask me why I am writing this; it is because I am inspired with the real and successful blog stories I have read. A lot of them and still growing up. And still competing with each other when it comes to traffic, page rank, etc.  It is truly believed that traffic could bring a blog into very successful one. It is true because traffic can be converted into money or equivalent.  The “theadventblog” is my own idea to bring bloggers blogs into one site; I mean “theadventblog” will focus on what bloggers are doing online and they maintain their readers.

I hope that you would like this “theadventblog”.

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